Kathleen Schulz

Historical researcher specialising in archival and deeds office research.  Kathleen has extensive experience in a variety of heritage related subjects – see CV below for further details.


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“She is a passionate researcher, someone who is able to interpret historical information beyond the written text. Her extensive use of Archival and Deeds Office resources enables her to provide concise and pertinent research reports.”

 I have known Kath for longer than I care to mention and have great respect for everything she does.  See further details in her CV posted below.













(Updated February 2010)


Personal Details

ADDRESS:                                                        11 Boekenhout Street

                                                                        George – 6529                                                               

TELEPHONE NUMBER                                      082 563 7927

E MAIL ADDRESS                                                kschulz@absamail.co.za                                         

BIRTHDAY                                                       15 January 1949

MARITAL STATUS                                            Divorced

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT STATUS                   Contractor: Specialist Historical Researcher

NUMBER OF CHILDREN                                    4 (adult)

STATUS OF HEALTH                                        Excellent

VALID DRIVERS LICENCE                                CODE 08


1967-1976 Pietermaritizburg – Natal

Employer: Shepstone & Wylie Attorneys 

Position:  Deeds Office Researcher

Deeds searches of significance included the annual Durban Municipal rates search, (tracing owners of properties) and searches for ESCOM, tracing ownership and restrictive clauses attached to properties over which pylons were to be built.

Volunteer work

Pietermarizburg Museum 

Position:  Volunteer Researcher

Researched archival material pertaining to 17th century ship wrecks along the

Eastern Cape shorelines for Professor Tim Maggs (Archaeologist).  This material

was used in a paper presented at the 1979 World Conference of Archaeologists

held in Cape Town.   

Spent one year in London.

1977-1981 Stellenbosch

Employer: Stellenbosch University, Archaeology Department

Position: Part time research assistant

Duties included:

Sorting artifacts from the late iron-age site ‘Boomplaas’ (in the Cango region) for Professor H Deacon; 

Oral interviewing of Nama inhabitants at Leliefontein, Namaqualand, in order to establish seasonal migratory patterns;

Artwork for publications.

Employer: Self

Position: Craft Market co-ordinator and Potter

Established a Saturday morning street market in Stellenbosch known as the ‘Dorp Steeg’ market. 


Employer: Progressive Federal Party

Position: Part time administrator – Stellenbosch

Duties included:

Organizing political speakers to address student audiences;

Administering student and adult committees; 

Organizing fund raising events;

Delegating duties to volunteer election workers.

1982-1989 George

Employer: George Museum

Position: Volunteer Researcher

Duties included:

Research of woodcutters in the Knysna forests and the original Dutch East India Company settlement in the George.

Research was undertaken in the Cape Town Deeds Office and Cape Town Archives.

1990-1993 Cape Town

Employer: University of Cape Town – Department of Historical Archaeology

Position: Researcher and co-ordinator of Contract Archaeology unit. 

Duties included:

  • Research of 17th and 18th century Dutch class structures and gender issues for Professor Martin Hall.
  • Co-ordination of archaeological contract field trips;
  • Administration of the Contracts Office;
  • Committee member and co-ordinator of archaeological world conference held at UCT in 1991(SAE3);

1993-May 1995 Cape Town                              

Employer: Self

Position: –  Archival and Deeds Researcher

Research commissions or projects assigned included:

  • 17th century Vergelegen Cape Farm

Specific assignment to trace the slave ancestry of 17th century slaves residing at Vergelegen – in an attempt to identify the female skeletal remains found in the Vergelegen ‘slave lodge’ during archaeological excavations.  Report delivered to Dr Anne Markell, U C T.   Genealogical lines were traced for 16th and 17th century owners of Vergelegen.

  • Elsenburg Agricultural College

A tender bid was successful to provide historical background to the Agricultural College for the purpose of promoting tourism and public relations.  Research included a full 17th and 18th century archival and deeds search.  Genealogical lines were traced for owners of the farm.

  • 18th-19th century – Block LL Central Cape Town research
  • Directed by Dr Antonia Malan of UCT Archaeology Department to provide an in-depth report on the deeds records for a central block in the Cape Town urban grid.
  • 18th century – Gabled homesteads of the Western Cape
  • Professor Martin Hall UCT- Historical Archaeology contracted my services intermittently when funds were available, to gain more information on builders of gabled 18th century homes of the Cape.  The elements of rural aristocracy were researched and compared with known vernacular styles of early farmsteads.
  • Lost City of the Kalahari

Mr. A Castiglioni of Centro Ricerche su Deserto Orientale, Milan, Italy, requested a feasibility report on the viability of locating the so-called “Lost City of the Kalahari”.

  • 17th century – Cape Town Gardens

Dr Pamela Rodetti of London University requested a full archival search for the various botanical species planted in the Cape Town Gardens during the 17th century.

  • 17th century – Copper mining, West Cape Coast

Dr. Duncan Miller, UCT requested an extensive report on copper mining activities in Namaqualand during 17th century.

  • Calitzdorp

Professor Garth Sampson (Archaeology Department – Methodist University Dallas, Texas), employed my services to establish the land lineage of the Karoo town, Calitzdorp.

  • Op-Onder Sneeuwberg

Professor Sampson also requested a full investigatory archival/deeds search, depicting migratory and settlement patterns of 18th century Trek Boers in the Graaff-Reinet region of Op-Onder Sneeuwberg.

1995 Botswana                        

Employer: Professor Pierre de Marais, University of Brussels

Position:  Researcher

Duties included:

Identifying indigenous potters of Botswana;

Interviewing potters;

Recording techniques used in constructing pots;

Recording mythology of ceramic decoration;

Mapping clay source sites.

1996-2001 George

Employer: Commission on Restitution of Land Rights – Department of Land Affairs

Instrumental in establishing the Land Restitution office in George.

Position: Researcher

Duties included:

  • Deeds and archival research.
  • Compilation of research reports for community and urban land restitution claims in the South Cape region.
  • Pre-settlement negotiations involving stakeholders of land claims.
  • Assistance with compilation of Ministerial Submissions for Land Settlement Agreements and Mandates to Negotiate.
  • Close collaboration with NGO sectors and claimants.
  • General office administration.

 During the period of employment a thorough understanding of land dispossessions and political background pertaining to the South Cape region was acquired.

Courses attended        

  • Employment Equity and Culture Change in Management.
  • Mediation and Arbitration – Land Reform.
  • Applying Project Management to Public Service Delivery.
  • Land Restitution – Policy and Implementation.
  • Participatory Planning for Effective Legal Entities (Land reform).
  • Prescribed Personal Performance Management Systems workshops.

Reason for resignation: Burn out, health was suffering.

2002 -2004

Employer                                             Department of Arts, Culture and Sport

Position:                                              Researcher

Duties included:                                  

Detailed research and text writing for museum display purposes : Client,George Museum.

Subject: ‘The Story of Forced Removals executed by previous Governments within the George

Municipal boundary’.


Consultancy work. Providing the history component of Heritage Impact

Assessments for proposed developments in Southern Cape.

Projects delivered to Environmental Consultants HilLand Associates, George;

   Hoogekraal Leasure Lifestyles (Glentana)

   De Gouritz (Gouritz river mouth)

   Outeniquabosch (Hartenbosch)

   Founders Estate (Knsyna)

   Cango Cycle Route (Oudtshoorn)

   Riverhill (Wilderness)


Research tasks included;

  • Le Grand Golfing and Residential Estate. George.

Historical report for Le Grand Golfing and Residential Estate, Gwaing River mouth :   Client Embale Shamba CC.

  • Waterloo Bay Great Fish River.

Historical report for residential estate, Waterloo Bay situated on the eastern bank of the Great Fish river. The report provided historical supplementary information requested by Ms M Attwell – Heritage Consultant, Cape Town, for the purpose of compiling a heritage impact assessment.  : Client, Crawford and Company/Shand Environmental Consultants.

  • Suikerbult Community – Oudtshoorn.

Suikerbult community were dispossessed of their land rights in 1968. Burial grounds existed on the dispossessed land which lay fallow until 2001. In 2001 Oudtshoorn Municipality built housing units on Suikerbult land, partially destroying the demolished and disused burial ground. A facilitated way forward was requested of me by Poem Mooney (Chief, Attaqua Tribe) and the dispossessed Suikerbult community. Successful mediation resulted in the community’s request for full reburial of human remains to the Oudtshoorn municipal cemetery being acceded to by Municipality. This project was assisted by SAHRA (South African Heritage Resource Agency) field workers and the University of Cape Town’s Contract Archaeology team.

 2007     McGregor Heritage Training Programme.      

South African Heritage Resource Agency employed my services to provide archival research training to seven heritage trainee students resident in McGregor. The programme was sponsored with SA Lotto funding and the contract duration was three months. Training included a one week practical course in Cape Town during which students were familiarized with research resource centres, namely the Cape Town Archives, Cape Town Deeds Office and Mowbray Surveys and Mapping offices. Students were provided with a research methodology toolkit, compiled and presented by myself. The toolkit was tailored to their particular research project needs. Additional training periods were executed every three weeks for three/four days at a time in McGregor.

             Prince Albert Museum.

Three months was spent in Prince Albert with the Prince Albert Museum Volunteer Group – sorting and cataloging the museum’s paper and photographic collection. Guidance and additional support was provided by the Department of Arts Culture and Sport, Museum services, George and Cape Town offices.

17th c Cape Town Dutch East India farm Rustenburg, currently occupied by University Cape Town   (UCT).

Sally Titlestad, Cape Town based researcher requested archival research assistance in order to verify the existence of an alleged slave burial site on land intended for development by the UCT.

Robololo, Flenters and Concordia West, housing project, Knsyna.

A report was compiled for Dr. Peter Nillsen Archaeologist, providing the background history of a disused burial ground on land earmarked for a housing project.

 2008 and 2009

Worked closely with local Heritage Practitioner Stefan de Kock, providing historical reports for both Heritage Impact Assessments and Notifications of Intent to Develop for submission to Heritage Western Cape.

Historical Research reports submitted to S. de Kock include: 

  • George Western Bypass Road Project. Notification of Intent to Develop submitted to Heritage Western Cape. (Hereunder referred to as NID) for Western Cape provincial authorities.
  • Groot Brak erf 1992. (NID) and Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA).
  • Tarka, Mossel Bay. Land Restitution Settlement.
  • Eastford (Knysna) Bulk Services. (NID)
  • Erf 157 Pacaltsdorp. Preliminary Heritage Statement.
  • Fairy Knowe. Extensions to the hotel. Section 34(1), submitted to Heritage Western Cape
  • George Mobility Study. Heritage Statement, George Municipal authorities.
  • Heidevalei, Knysna (Land reform programme). (NID)
  • Zwartrivier farm 183. Private client. NID and HIA
  • Grootefontein, Still Bay. Heritage Statement
  • Malgaskraal and Witfontein George (NID) George Municipal authorities.
  • Melkhoutkraal, Knysna (NID) Knysna Municipal authorities.
  • Merweville, Karoo (NID) Beaufort West Municipal authorities
  • Southern Arterial Bypass road.  George Municipal authorites
  • George Museum renovations. Section 34 application (National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999).
  • Keurboomstrand erf 157. Report on land use Patterns. Private owner.
  • Hoekwil erf 43. Background research report. Private owner. 
  • Cape Town City Mobility Project. Sub-contracted by Sally Titlestad to source historical pictorial images for street signage from Cape Town railway station to the new soccer stadium in Green Point.

 2010 Projects submitted thus far.

  • George Rand Street Road Extension Project. George Municipal authorities. Expanded NID. 

           Personal research.

  • Compilation of a genealogy data base of early South Cape ethnic race groups. Currently the data base lists 2358 family surnames. Information is obtained from various archival sources including church records, Cape Town Archives, Cape Town Deeds Office and oral sources.  
  • Constant acquisition and collation of archival material relating to the Southern Cape in order to add value to my desk top archive.


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