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 VRM Africa cc is a Visual Impact Study and GIS Mapping organisation located in George, Western Cape.  We make use of the well-documented visual impact analysis methodology developed by the Bureau of Land Management in the USA in order to accurately and objectively quantify visual impact.  This methodology is known as the Visual Resource Management technique (VRM) and involves the sequential mapping of visual resources of the site in relation to the surrounding areas. For this purpose we make extensive use of GIS and 3D modelling technology. In this endeavor, we have an extended network of other expert consultants and work closely together with Liesel Stokes of Brink, Stokes, Mhkize, a registered Landscape Architect. 

During the period that we have been operating we have completed over 80 Visual Impact Studies throughout South Africa as well as Namibia where we have been involved in setting up visual management guidelines for large open cast mines.  The majority of studies undertaken have been based in the Western Cape ensuring we have extensive practical experience assessing projects in terms of the planning policies stipulated by the DEA&DP Guidelines and the Western Cape PSDF. 

Stephen Stead

Stephen Stead studied at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg (UNP) and completed a post graduate degree in Human Geography and Geographic Information Management Systems.  He has gained 12 years of experience in the field of GIS mapping working as a consultant for the KZN Dept of Health and as a consultant for an Environmental Impact Assessment organization in George, Western Cape.  He is a member of IAIAsa South Africa and is currently serving on the National Executive Committee (NEC).  VRM Africa recognizes and aspires to the IAIAsa code of ethics.  For further details refer to .

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